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“Pinky has provided me with the knowledge and motivation to achieve physical goals beyond anything I’ve done before. After many attempts to get into shape over 35yrs I could never find a routine or system that would hold my interest for more than a few months at a time. After researching different places in town I found Pinky. Over the twice weekly sessions I quickly realized that I never knew what we would be doing next. She consistently mixes up my routine and the workouts we do to keep things interesting and keep my body guessing. She is always talking with me to find out what my goals are and where they have changed so that she can adjust the plan week by week. She stresses injury prevention through stretches and proper form and offers advice on a range of questions. While I’ve been the one doing each exercise, I know there is no way that I would be in the shape I’m in without her expertise and motivation. I’ve renewed several times and don’t have any intentions of stopping anytime soon.”

– Steve D.

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