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One-on-One Personal Training in Jacksonville, Florida

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-one private personal training sessions are the most effective form of fitness training due to the customized programs to best suit your unique health and fitness goals.


This program is designed for professional and recreational athletes of any age and in any sport that need specific focus in order to attain peak performance.

Professional and Recreational Athletes in Jacksonville, Florida
Team Sports Strength and Conditioning in Jacksonville Florida

Team Sports Strength and Conditioning

This program is focused on recreational, school, and professional sport teams. An initial consultation with the head coach and coaching staff is required along with an evaluation of the team and program. Programs are customized according to the needs of the team.

Nutrition Counseling

Proper nutrition is a crucial and essential component for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle and weight management. Just how every exercise program is customized for you, the same goes for your nutrition. This is a results driven program that includes understanding how to properly fuel your body, your caloric needs, your macronutrient and micronutrient profiles, accountability, and lifelong healthy habits. Proper nutrition is essential to help the body repair, rebuild, and maintain the cells, tissues, and organs of the body for optimal function and health.

Nutritional Guidance in Jacksonville, Florida


Recovery is the most important aspect of any training program. As the body undergoes many different types of stressors from exercise, training, work, family and daily activities, it is equally important to allow the body to rest in order to prevent injuries. Recovery services offered include:

Rapid Reboot

Dynamic compression therapy that enhances blood flow, eliminates muscle soreness, flushes out lactic acid, and speeds up recovery so you can get back to your training without skipping a beat. Multiple sizes available. 3 recovery attachments available to help recover your hips, legs, and arms.

Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida
Percussion Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

Percussion Therapy

Increases circulation and reduces recovery time by utilizing rapid pulses for a deep massage. Beneficial for alleviating muscle tensions, increasing range of motion, preventing injuries, and so much more. Multiple attachments available to target different parts of the body.

Cryo-Compression Therapy

Combination of continuous cold therapy and compression therapy to provide optimal results for reducing pain and inflammation. Decreasing the effects of swelling allows for increased circulation for maximal recovery.

Cryo-Compression Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida
BEMER Vascular Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

BEMER Vascular Therapy

Helps to increase the circulatory system, which aids in the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes. Proven technology to enhance blood flow, nutrient and oxygen delivery, energy levels, endurance, physical fitness, concentration, disposal of toxins and cellular waste, stress reduction, sleep quality and management, and overall full body recovery.

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