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I had been playing doubles tennis three times a week and walking 2 miles every other day until I unknowingly moved into a mold infested condo. For an entire year after the mold exposure, I dealt with debilitating coughing, excruciating muscle spasms and inability to exercise. I was desperate to regain my strength and balance and knew that my specific limitations required a special trainer to help me restore my physical well-being.

Thankfully, I found Pinky, who researched my medical malady and developed an individual program that allowed me to slowly rebuild my strength. I know that because of Pinky, I have more strength and a belief in myself that would have been impossible without her persistent, positive reinforcement. I am so grateful for her willingness to take on my physical limitations and the tools she gave me to continue working toward a healthier being.

She. Is. The. Best!

– Pam G.

Pinky has provided me with the knowledge and motivation to achieve physical goals beyond anything I’ve done before. After many attempts to get into shape over 35yrs I could never find a routine or system that would hold my interest for more than a few months at a time. After researching different places in town I found Pinky. Over the twice weekly sessions I quickly realized that I never knew what we would be doing next. She consistently mixes up my routine and the workouts we do to keep things interesting and keep my body guessing. She is always talking with me to find out what my goals are and where they have changed so that she can adjust the plan week by week. She stresses injury prevention through stretches and proper form and offers advice on a range of questions. While I’ve been the one doing each exercise, I know there is no way that I would be in the shape I’m in without her expertise and motivation. I’ve renewed several times and don’t have any intentions of stopping anytime soon.

– Steve D.

Over the past summer, Pinky helped me drop four seconds making me be able to qualify for the swimming summer sectionals. She helped me train the right muscles groups in order to get faster in the water. I will continue to train with Pinky throughout the school year getting faster so I will eventually get in the 2021 Olympics Trials.

– Zackary C.

Pinky came onto the rowing coaching staff at our high school and brought a ton of energy and enthusiasm. The girls loved her presence and thoughtful yet firm critics of what they needed to improve upon and how to work harder. Pinky used her knowledge in Rehab and Sports performance to make a direct difference with the team, which included a new pre and post workout stretching protocol as well as cupping, foam rolling and pressure point massage. I saw firsthand the pain relief involved on several occasions. I highly recommend Pinky for all your training and rehab needs.

– Coach Alton
Episcopal School of Jacksonville (FL)

I’m still new to Zenergy, having only had three meetings. So far, though, my workouts have been tailored to everything I asked – location, time, and goals. I explained my concerns on day one. And I already have noticed actual tangible real-life (I think you get my point) improvement in my number 1 goal. I absolutely recommend.

– Anne H.

Pinky is awesome!!!! I suffer with some knee and back issues and Pinky tailors my workouts to fit my issues. The workouts are challenging and definitely interesting. She encourages me to push myself without being overbearing or rude all the while being cognizant of my somewhat limited mobility. She’s always punctual and is flexible when unexpected situations come up. If you have not been working out and you want to get started or if you worked out before and need some help starting back up Pinky is definitely for you.

– Monica W.

With my collection of injuries, it’s challenging and alarming to find someone willing to work with me. Pinky was really excited about my issues and has helped me gain strength back after a car accident and mobility in my other injured areas. I didn’t think I would feel this good again, and it’s amazing to see what is literally weekly progress. If you want to get healthy, get back to being yourself, this is the person to call!

– Irina R.

I have been looking for a coach to prepare myself for the Gate River Run, I was recommended to Pinky by a friend. From our first interaction about training for the race, her method attracted me. She took intensive assessment and evaluated my fitness levels and also any past injuries. From that she created a program that would not only best keep me injury free and suit me but crush my first 15k! I highly recommend Pinky.

– David S.

Pinky has got to be the most motivating and upbeat person we have ever met. Do not underestimate her strength and ability. She is one strong lady. She listened to what we wanted to achieve and designed a workout regime that was right for us. She works us hard and keeps us motivated with her enthusiasm. Pinky is a great person and personal trainer who never fails to impress. We will continue to use her and would highly recommend her services.

– Meg & Rick N.

I have been working with Pinky for about 4 months now. From the very beginning her approach to fitness has attracted me. She took the time to properly identify my initial fitness level and create a plan to get to my goal!!! I felt that she motivated and pushed me to perform, but she was carefully watching me and my vitals to ensure that I am not being overworked. Her flexibility with the schedule has really been helpful. Last but not the least, I felt that I really am getting a great value for my investment. If you are serious about being healthy, contacting Pinky will be the correct 1st step.

– E.B.

Pinky is really knowledgeable about fitness and is fun to train with. She customizes the workout to fit my needs and helps achieve my goal. In the 20 sessions that I have trained with her, I have seen good improvement in my stamina, core balance and toning of muscle. Pinky is always cheerful and makes the workout fun by incorporating fun moves and music.

– R.P.

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